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Swertia chirayita

English Name Chirayta

Latin Swertia Chirayta Syn S Chirata
Sanskrit Nepalanimta Kiratatikta
Hindi Nepalenim, Chiryata
Gujrati Katiyaeu
Tamil Ciratakcci
Malayalam Uttarakityattu
Telugu Nelaverru Nalavery
Kanand Nelabevu


Family Gentianaceae


Distribution & Propagation

it occurs in the temperate Himalayas. Nepal, Tibet. China etc .It is Propagated by seeds



An erect annual herb 60.125 cm tall, stems robust. branching cylindrical below and four-angled upwards. leaves simple. ovate, broadly lanceolate, cordate at the base. 5-nerved. dubsessile, flowers numerous. very small, greenish yellow, tinged with purple in large leafy panicles; fruits minute pointed capsules. seeds smooth rnany-angled. Flowering-fruiting August to November.


Chemical Constituents

Whole plant contains bitter principles, ophelic acid. chiratin, swertinin, gentianine, swerttanin,. mangiferin minerals, swerchirin, isobellidifolin. friedelin and b – sitosterol, etc


Parts Used      Whole plant



The Plant – is bitter anthelmintic, expectorant, diaphoretic, refrigerant, thermogenic. antibilious. stimulant digestive, appetizer, anti-inflammatory. antipyretic, sudorific and antiperiodic.



The Plant -Is useful in all types of fever promote healthy pancreas. hiccough, anorexia especially chronic. and intermittent fevers, inflammations.. dipsia burning, sensation cough, bronchitis gastropathy dyspepsia, skin diseases and vitiated conditions of Pitta and Kapha,jaundice, toxiemia biliousness. constipation. Indigestion indigestion liver disorders worms, leprosy, thinness, colic, asthma, splenitis etc.